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Built to Last: Creating Sustainable Political Movements in the Age of Trump

  • Smokin' Betty's 116 South 11th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19107 United States (map)

MPF Presents: A Conversation with Nina Ahmad

Built to Last: Creating Sustainable Political Movements in the Age of Trump

In the age of Trump, when an onslaught of crises inundate our newsfeed daily, sapping our stamina and threatening to deplete our appetite for action -- many of us are left with the urgent question: how do we build sustainable political movements? Now more than ever, we have to maintain the momentum to show up for our families, our neighbors, and our communities. 

How can we ensure that we are moving things forward even when the vitality of an activated citizenry begins to subside? 

Nina Ahmad, women's rights advocate, former Deputy Mayor of Philadelphia, former president of the Philadelphia Chapter of NOW, and current candidate for PA Lieutenant Governor has seen in her extensive work as a civic leader and community organizer that the answer to sustaining momentum lies in community-building.  

In a casual moderated discussion, Ahmad will impart actionable insights that will empower us to reach out to our communities, build coalitions, and foster fellowship with our fellow citizens. These are the critical actions that will allow us to sustain our spirit even when Trump, and his misinformed minions at every level of government, are determined to dampen our intensity and burn us out. 

In this conversation you'll learn: 

  • Why community building is the key to sustaining momentum
  • How to execute better outreach and build coalitions
  • Tactics for effectively speaking truth to power -- and winning tough fights
  • A primer on leading political movements that can make an impact

It is only through collaboration that we can successfully leverage our combined energy to continue to fight the good fight, run for office, influence our elected officials, and transform our neighborhoods. 


  • WHAT: A conversation with Nina Ahmad
  • WHEN: Thursday, April 26th | 7PM
  • WHERE: Smokin' Betty's 116 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • WHY: Learn how to create sustainable political movements in the age of Trump

About Nina Ahmad:

Nina Ahmad is a scientist, women’s rights advocate, and first-generation Bangladeshi American. She grew up during a violent war for liberation in Bangladesh, South Asia, and came to United States when she was twenty-one. After improving her English by watching American television shows, she earned her Ph.D from the University of Pennsylvania, and achieved success as a molecular biologist and entrepreneur. 

Nina has been a successful civic leader who takes on big fights and wins. As President of the Philadelphia NOW, Nina led a fight against the District Attorney’s office when they refused to fire three prosecutors who had e-mailed degrading pornographic images. She has led important efforts to fight workplace discrimination and harassment that economically undermines women and people of color. As one of the few women of color to serve on the board of the Philadelphia Foundation, Nina has helped raise millions of dollars for local non-profits that improve the quality of life for working and poor families. Learn more here: